Bean Bag Chairs

Yes, you read that title correctly.  Let's talk comfort.  Remember when you were a kid and had that oh so comfortable bean bag chair?  They were awesome.  Hideous, but awesome none the less.  (Okay, not hideous, I just so happened to love mine, but they weren't the most appealing)

I am happy to say they are back, and in a much more chic way.  When first looking for decor for our "new" living room I came across this one from Ballard Designs:
Le Pouf they call it; it even has a chic name!  It was love at first sight really.  It took me back to my little bean bag chair with my name embroidered on it (yup, that's right), granted mine was pink and possibly striped, I can't quite seem to recall ;)  There is something about Le Pouf that speaks to me.  It looks comfortable, fits in our living room, is quite functional since you can put a tray on top and use it as a table as well as an ottoman or a chair.

Why haven't I bought it yet?  Well, I keep asking myself the same thing.  The price is killing me.  It was originally $229; it is currently on sale for $179 and I have a coupon.  BUT, even with my 10% coupon it is still expensive.  Since it's large they add an additional $20 onto the already $20 shipping fee making the total with tax just over $200.  I keep trying to justify this; it's functional and adorable, but I just can't do it.  What if I have to return it?  I'll have lost $80 in shipping fees (them shipping to me then me shipping it back).

On a search I went and oh what I found:
These come in a variety of colors and Marimekko prints and start at $239 for Adult sized

West Elm; I wish they still sold these
unfortunately they hopped on this trend a couple of years
back and they are no longer available
I love this floor pouf; it is stil $98 though
Blood Orange Pouf $89.95
After searching and searching I think the most cost effective option is to make one of these bad boys myself.  All I need to purchase is bean bag filler which hopefully won't be too expensive.  I'm hoping to complete the project for under $50.  Still not sold?  See the inspiration photos below:

All three pictures are from  Don't these rooms look so inviting?  That second one is just absolutely amazing.

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