DIY: Painting Stripes

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!  I was hard at work all weekend and the mudroom is starting to look great! 

As seen in this post, the walls started out blue.  I first had to paint the walls with a white base coat.  I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint + Primer in One in the color Ultra Pure White.  For both paint colors I used an eggshell finish so the walls aren't glossy but they aren't flat leaving hand prints etc, and the walls can still be wiped if need be.  I figured it would take 1 coat to get rid of the Blue color since it was a pale blue.  And I was so wrong.  It took 3 coats and really could have used a 4th but I was way too excited for my stripes!

This is the best picture I took of the white.  After 3 coats I let that dry for about a day.  Then came the taping.  This was probably the most frustrating/time-consuming part of this project.  Just like the floor isn't level, either are the walls! 

Before taping you first need to measure your wall and decide how many stripes you want.  I decided I wanted the top stripe and the bottom stripe to be white so I didn't have to tape off the ceiling and floor.  The total height of the room is 82 inches and I wanted 4 tan stripes + 5 white stripes totalling 9 stripes.  82 inches divided by 9 stripes is 9.11 inches per stripe.  I used Frogtape from Home Depot to tape off my stripes as this is specifically for a project like this so the paint won't seep under the tape, therefore leaving clean lines.  If you don't have tape like this I would recommend first painting over your tape with your first color, in my case white.  Or painting over it with a clear coat.

Your walls should look something like this:

The larger spaces is where I will paint the tan color, I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint + Primer in One in the color Wax Sculpture.  I painted two coats and then snapped a quick picture:

When you finish your last coat you need to rip of the tape immediately to insure you do not chip the paint.  If you wait until it is dry it will for sure peel up.  This was my result:

I'm in love.  After a few little touch ups it looks perfect.  I want to live in this little room!  We even replaced the ugly 80's tile that was in the room and put in laminate flooring that looks like hardwood.  (Big shout out to my wonderful brother for helping me all weekend!)  Hopefully we will have the curtains, bench, shelf and hooks in this week!  I can't wait to show you all the rest!

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  1. Thanks, I was wondering what Wax Sculpture might look like in my sunny dining/kitchen area :)


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