Design Consultation

A very good friend of mine came to me recently and asked if I would mind making her a headboard.  I was thrilled!  We immediately dove into the details.  What color does she want?  A solid or a print?  What material? Will we do gold nailhead trim or silver?  The list went on.  Finally we came to the conclusion that the only things she really wants to keep in her current bedroom is her rug and her white dresser and it really just needs to match that.  So I asked her to send me a photo of the rug and I made her an inspiration board.

She's a young working girl living with 2 roommates in a New York City apartment.  Her rug is very beachy so I thought I would make her a very light, clean design; a pleasant escape from her busy city life.

I will be using a cotton/linen blend to make her headboard along with Pewter Nailhead trim.  The rest of the Inspiration Board is just that, inspiration!  Some of the things she will be purchasing but others we will try to find at the best price possible.  I will hopefully share a before and after once the room is complete!

To all you readers out there, if anyone would like a design consult like this please feel free to contact me :)

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  1. There will definitely be a before and after! I love this and can't wait to make it a reality... you really do have such a great vision for my space. Love it and love you! xo


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