Summer Escape

We were teased over in the Northeast last week; after the weather reached the low 70's now we have.. snow?  I did, however, keep my mind off the fact that I was freezing this weekend by escaping to summer via my iPod.  That's right!  I went through my current iTunes and came across some seriously fun music.  Not only did it keep me motivated at the gym but it put me in an instant good mood!  Here are a few to take you back to summer:

Summer Jam - Underdog Project
Zac Brown Band - Toes
David Tavare - Hot Summer Night
Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling

And I couldn't help but to throw this one in there because I am loving the beat!
Rihanna - S&M

If you're not into music you can always get lost in your screen saver... that's cool too ;)

xo rebecca

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