Sweet Obsession

I have cupcakes on my mind and I can't make it stop!  I went to House of Cupcakes last weekend in Princeton, NJ.  They won Cupcake Wars so I was dying to try it out.  Delicious!  I was a little bummed by the decor (or lack there of! they are apparantly under construction) but the actual cupcakes were amazing!  Now I can't stop thinking about cupcakes.. and watching Cupcake Wars is not exactly helping :) 

That said, on my to do list this coming weekend is to make cupcakes!  love to bake.  I think that's why I love the holiday season so much, because there are so many events that give me a reason to bake.  Martha Stewart is my go to lady.. her recipes are always reliable and, for the most part, reasonably simple.

Am I going to make all of these?  No way, but aren't they awesome?!  I think I might try out the sunflower cupcake (top left), they will go along perfectly with the fresh sunflowers that are currently in our kitchen!

Sorry for the quality it was taken with my iPhone :)
 All recipes can be found on marthastewart.com


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