Trying to Spring Ahead!

It's been really difficult to be upbeat about Spring when snow is still in the forecast.  Shopping for warm weather clothes and shoes has come to a screaching hault as it is not so fun when you can't wear anything you buy!  I have a few dresses hanging oh so nicely and new shoes lining the floors of my closet and now I am forced to play the waiting game.  Cold weather always seems to last too long so last year the bf and I decided to come up with an idea that would lift our spirits.  Instead of sulking and waiting, together we wrote a list of things we could do if it were nicer outside and we posted it on the refrigerator.  It's funny how many things you think of when you can't seem to do any of them.. you always want what you can't have right?! 

Biking!  Great Workout and if you own a bike it's free :)  Picture taken from  (these bikes are sold there)

Hiking! Of course this is not in NJ it is in Maine but it's awfully pretty! (picture taken from

Going to a local Flea Market, Farmers Market or Fair or such a nice spring time activity; you can get some really good finds too!

The list goes on and on from barbecuing to going on short day trips to explore towns we've never seen.  We try to make a list once in the Winter, when we are dreaming of warmer weather, and once in the Summer, when the weather is just too hot and humid to bare.  The best part about this?  Most of the things on our list are free!  We don't put anything on the list that costs tons of money and on any given day when we find ourselves with nothing to do, we look at the list and do something spontaneous.  We attempt to check everything off but that never happens! 

What lifts your spirits when the weather has got you down?

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