Sweet, Sweet Friday

I typically try to eat healthy but having a love for a fresh out of the oven Apple Pie makes that a bit difficult :)  I came up with a healthy alternative.  Okay, healthy is not the right word, but it can't be AS bad as a pie!

I was craving a yummy dessert so I looked in the fridge and found some apples.  I peeled them, sliced and diced and threw them in a pan with some water, sugar and cinnamon (yum!):

I let them thicken (all while smelling delicious!) and then put them in a bowl to sit.  In the meantime I ran to the store around the corner and bought some FroYo:

This is by far the best frozen yogurt I've had.  It tasted very close to regular ice cream.  I scooped some in a bowl and topped it with warm apples and voila!:

Now, let me make this clear, this is definitely not a substitute for a fresh out of the oven apple pie; but it killed the craving for at least a week :)  Drooling yet?

Wishing you all a sweet, sweet Friday!


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