Pillow Mania!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I purchased fabric from Etsy and West Elm for a DIY pillow project.  I've been on the search for pillows for a while but everytime I come across something perfect it has a not so perfect price tag.  I figured I could do without the $90 pillows and probably make something just as nice myself.  The two fabrics I purchased, as seen here, were the perfect choice because they aren't too feminine and they fit in perfectly with our color scheme.  First thing's first, I had to learn how to sew!  The bf's mom was nice enough to give me a quick lesson on her sewing machine and off I went!  I first turned the fabric inside out, measured it to the size of my pillow inserts and pinned it like so:

After everything was pinned I used the sewing machine to attempt a straight line.  It was surprisingly SO much easier than I originally thought it would be.  As you can see in the below picture you can actually sew right over the pins!

After you have 3 sides done you flip it back to the patterned side and stuff the pillow into the case.  You can sew part of the bottom before doing so and very carefully slip the pillow in.  I chose to be super careful and sew the entire bottom of the pillow by hand:

This was probably the most time consuming of the entire project but really didn't take too long.  After 1 broken needle and a few do-overs, the finished result? VOILA!

Our 3 new additions!  I love them and if I saw them in a store I would totally buy them!  I recommend this project to anyone; it was honestly so fast and easy :)  (A quick tip: If you really want to do this project on the cheap, pick a fabric you love and make the back on the pillow out of Burlap; at $3.99 a yard it's a sure way not to break the bank!  And surprisingly it is SO in style right now)

Next project.. re-creating these awesome prints from Crate & Barrel for the living room:

At $369, once again, I'd rather buy some fabric and make them myself!  Stay tuned... ;)


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